Busy weekend of gigs – 40th birthday party & kids 10th birthday party

Had a busy weekend with a 40th birthday party on 17th April in Fareham followed by a girls 10th birthday party on Saturday 18th in Reigate.
The 40th was a lovely party in a very plush community church hall and think the word community was very apt as the guests were made up of families. It was lovely to see families attending a party together and everyone bought some food and drink – it had a real sense of togetherness. The children were great fun and got into the spirit of the evening with some really good dancing and the song requests were flying in including Do The Conga which went down well! I even ended up showing a couple of them how to mix the songs in, never too young to learn how to DJ!
The 10th birthday party was in a very sizeable village hall in Reigate and the girls present were outstanding dancers. The boys were more content to watch from the sidelines interspersed with sliding across the floor on their knees, some things never grow old! Never ceases to amaze how the girls know all the words and moves to the songs. It was a great night and very touching when you see the birthday girl dancing in the centre of the dancefloor with her friends and also giving her mother a huge hug to say thanks for a great party!
Busy weekend but enjoyed every minute of it and fortunate enough to spend it in the company of some lovely people!