Christmas functions!

I was fortunate enough to dj at 2 work Christmas parties at the Bush Hotel in Farnham on Saturday 6th December and again on Friday 12th December.  Never quite sure how these events will go given that the attendees know each other through work first rather than socially – no one wants to get too drunk and make a fool of themselves in front of their boss do they!

However I needn’t have worried as both events were top notch with lovely people hosted in a very nice venue.  For both parties I found a bit of disco from the 70’s got people going followed up with some classics from the 80’s, a quick trip through the 90’s and then bought it right up to date with current hits so a bit of whirlwind musical journey.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and both evenings ended with rounds of applause and request for ‘just one more song’ so can’t complain and the hotel was also impressed so may be returning for future events.