Double header of gigs – graduation & birthday and a prom party

Another busy weekend of gigs this past weekend – a joint graduation and 50th birthday party on Friday followed by a prom party on Saturday.
The joint graduation and 50th birthday party was a lovely event with a real emphasis of family and friends…the first people I met had travelled down from Oxford for the party and to see the birthday girl…people will travel for special occasions and sometimes the disco isn’t the focal point, it’s about old friends catching up. Life goes by so quickly that it’s easy not to keep in regular contact with friends which is slightly ironic given how easy it is today with social media…I am sure the act of writing a letter is becoming less and less. Special mention must go to the family who made the venue look lovely with balloons and banners and so on, they really made an effort and it showed. It was a great evening for some lovely people.
The Saturday disco was a different event altogether with what appeared to be a girls school prom party – I say that as it dawned on me halfway through the evening that I’d only seen about 8 males! It was a great night, dancefloor was packed and songs went down a storm and I was also given a really good playlist to work through which I am more than happy to do…means I play songs the guests have chosen and gives me an idea as to their music taste so I can pick songs to compliment their choices and always happy to take requests on the night as well. Venue was in a marquee in the garden of a beautiful house just east of Arundul – it was a gorgeous setting, weather was lovely and I packed down while the female guests all moved into the marquee to try and get some sleep although there was no sign of that happening anytime soon when I left!
Two very different gigs and both fantastic in their own way!