Lovely 40th birthday party in Tadley

I DJ’d at a private members club in Tadley on 10th May for a 40th birthday party and had an absolute blast!
I’ve said it before and this party was no exception when it comes to the amount of effort that people go to when it comes to organising their own party. I get to see people before the party starts and you get a sense of just how much effort people put into one evening such as preparing food, putting out balloons, snacks, the list goes on; I only hope that they get drinks bought for them all night and get to relax!
The party itself was a success, I played some disco songs from the 70’s, some classic 80’s tracks but the majority of the songs were recent chart hits – it was a great mix and people seemed to have a good time…I even managed to squeeze in a little cheese with the Grease Megamix and YMCA. What was really nice was the interaction with the guests who weren’t shy in telling me what songs they wanted and that’s perfect for me…if I’m asked for a song, I will happily play it. Must also say that all the people present were a fantastic bunch and a large number took the time to come and see me to high five me, give me thumbs up and to say thanks for a great selection of music which is so nice to hear.
The party was great, the people present were lovely, it was a very nice venue and the birthday boy left me with the comments that it was a brilliant night and he would be happy to write a recommendation for me should any future clients ask for one which was very decent of him.
The management of the venue were also impressed and I was told that they would like me back next year to celebrate their 50th anniversary….in her words “I’ve been here since 1992 and seen a lot of crap discos; you are by far the best one we’ve had. I know a good disco when I see one” – can’t ask for much more than that!