Music and new toys!

I listen to music and by that I mean I listen to an awful lot of music!  I can’t help but think that in this era of social media, likes, followers, tags, whatever, it’s all too easy for people to have their 5 minutes of fame.  I went to see Level 42 in concert and I am by no means a huge fan of theirs but what impressed me was the show they put on.

The musical production was incredible and this is a band that have been around for 30 something years. In 2018 I saw also Justin Timberlake, Paloma Faith, Katy Perry and Queen + Adam Lambert.  Of those performers, the best show was Queen + Adam Lambert.  And what do Queen and Level 42 have in common?  To me it’s longevity.  They were around way before likes, number of followers, mattered… what mattered was talent. If you had talent, you were successful.  Who today will be the modern day Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury, Madonna?  All artists, and I am aware there are many more, who changed the music industry.  Today I can’t help but feel it’s driven by social marketing and engineering or maybe I’m just old!  Time will tell and perhaps today’s songs will be tomorrows classics.

As for the disco, I am really, really happy with the way it currently looks and yet there is always a new toy I want!  At the moment I am toying with custom black podiums as something a little different yet also telling myself that I have enough and to stop!  Boys and toys!  I’ll see how 2019 goes but I am sure I’ll have a thought of ‘oh, what about….?’  I just like the fact that my disco is different to others out there with a unique look plus easy to add or remove bits from it depending on what people want.  I also love that fact that more than a few people have seen it and gone ‘wow, I wasn’t expecting that, it looks amazing’ – makes it all worthwhile!