13th birthday party in Esher

Now I don’t think I am that old but when you see kids these day, I can’t help but feel the world is very different. Reason I say that is that I took my 14 year old nephew along with me to a 13 year old girls birthday party where I was doing the disco. Oddly enough, when I mentioned to him that it was 13 year old girl, he was more than happy to come along! The girls very quickly spotted him and were asking for his name, where he was from, etc, etc…fast forward a couple of hours and they were exchanging Instagram details…so much for an address to write a letter to! World is a different place for teens these days.
As for the disco, it was a great success…the birthday girl gave me a really good playlist which gave me an idea of what music she was into and I added some songs to it to compliment her choice. The songs seemed to go down well when they all sung along at the top of their voices and I got a huge round of applause and cheers when I said thanks for a good night and that was me done for the evening.
Journey back was fun too with my nephew exclaiming it was the best disco he’d ever been to and lovely feedback from the birthday girls mother who said “Hi Martyn, Thank you so much! FANTASTIC night and everyone has said what a fab night they had. Will keep your number for the future. Highly recommend you both.
Thank you once again”
Another great gig, another satisfied customer!