40th birthday party @ Heart & Soul, Guildford

One of the benefits of dj’ing is that I have a microphone…odd way to start a blog so bear with me!
I am more than happy to take requests from people when dj’ing (as long as they ask nicely!) and will try to play all requests I get. However there is the odd one thrown in every so often which is where the microphone comes in handy. I DJ’d a 40th birthday party on the 4th July and the request I received from one of the guests was ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey. So…I’m thinking it’s a beautiful, sunny evening on 4th July in a lovely venue to celebrate a birthday and I am being asked for a Christmas song. Easy thing to do is to say no but never done that so instead I ask for the chaps name, get on the microphone and say that it’s by far the oddest request I have received and it was from, well lets call him Mr X, who I subtly point out! The song went down well with him, made other people grin and roll their eyes but all good fun.
The evening itself was a blast, a really good choice of music and requests from loads of people and the time flew by. Unfortunately I was on a strict 11pm stop due to it being in a residential error so I decided, at the request of the party people, to view that as more of a guideline and was told to wait until someone turned up…which happened at about 11.15pm so figured everyone was happy – party people got some extra songs, the person asking for the music to stop got their wish and anyone who could hear the music got treated to some Lionel Richie and who doesn’t like a bit of Lionel!
The lady who booked me said I was fantastic so a great evening all round!