80’s music only birthday party!

Had the pleasure of dj’ing at a joint 40th birthday party that was also fancy dress and the theme was 80’s!

I was given a playlist of over 200 songs from the 80’s and managed to play a fair number of them and certainly took me back to my childhood and growing up in the 80’s and just getting into music.  Feargal Sharkey’s song titled ‘A Good Heart’ certainly bought back memories as pretty sure Father Christmas got me the album on cassette.

It was a great evening with some amazing costumes and loads of lovely feedback from people to myself complimenting me on a great job and the choice of songs although given as I had a playlist, I can’t claim all the credit, I just tried to play the songs in a manner so that they flowed from start to finish.  I also did such a good job that the venue management took my details and said they’d be in touch for any events where their asked to provide a DJ and disco so must be doing something right!