Cracking house party for a 40th!

I was lucky enough to DJ at a house party to celebrate a 40th birthday party and it was an absolutely cracking night!
The birthday lady was lovely as was the chap who booked me and their guests were all really nice, sociable people which made for a really good night. I’ve said it before but if you have the right mix of people, you’re bound to have a good night.
The playlist supplied was top quality with a real flavour of 80’s and 90’s tunes with some modern songs thrown in for good measure too. People really got into it as the evening, and drinks, progressed and finished with an outstanding vocal performance of Mustang Sally from the Commitments movie.
Left with some lovely feedback saying I was ‘flawless’ and also got a big hug from the birthday girl saying thanks for a great night and she’d really enjoyed herself which was the most important thing!