Double header of birthday parties – 18th & 21st

A weekend of mixed emotions gigwise tinged with a little sadness if I’m honest but will try not to make this blog too downbeat!
I DJ’d two birthday parties last weekend; an 18th on the Friday and a 21st on the Saturday. The 18th was a great party, lots of people, lots of dancing and a good night with lots of compliments for myself and the disco. The birthday girl supplied a playlist but it was her Mother who picked songs to get people dancing! Playlists are odd in that they mean something to the person who supplies the playlist but sometimes it doesn’t work for the other people present…we all have different music tastes after all. So I’m playing songs to not many people, partly because it was a very hot hall so guests were outside cooling down, when the mother of the birthday girl says to me ‘can you play something for me please?’ I am more than happy to oblige, put on a bit of Abba and boom, soon everyone is dancing so I stuck with some of the classic disco tunes for the rest of evening and went down very well with all people present and even been earmarked for the other daughters 18th in a couple of years time!
24 hours later I am DJ’ing a 21st birthday party for a lovely girl who has some lovely family members who were so warm and welcoming…they even stopped me buying myself a coca cola and insisted that they paid for my drink. They also made sure I had some food and even bought me some birthday cake – they were absolutely delightful people. The sadness comes from the fact that 80 people were on the guest list, only a fraction turned up and it appears that the birthday girl had been let down by most of her friends on the night. I couldn’t help but feel for her…it was her 21st birthday party and people who were supposed to turn up, never did. She put a brave face on but expect that she was upset deep down. I don’t understand why people say they will go and then don’t turn up without even sending a text or making a phone call or something. The only consolation I could offer was that the people who mattered to her the most were there for her. She said she enjoyed the music and did have a little dance but can’t help but think that her party wasn’t quite like she imagined it to be. Such a shame as they were lovely people to DJ for…I hope she gets the party she deserves at some point in the future.