Double header of parties – joint 21st & 40th and then an 18th

If you’ve read earlier blogs of mine, you may recall me posing the question as to what age do people decide that it’s not that cool to dance, the answer would appear to be at 18 years old!
I did a double header of discos last weekend; the first was a joint 21st and 40th birthday party for some people who’ve booked me before and they are absolutely lovely – they make me feel so welcome and, without getting too soppy, like part of their extended family. One of the best things about doing this is that I am fortunate to meet some wonderful people and it’s always nice to have a hug! The party was a success, people had a great time, lovely feedback for me, lots of dancing and the now traditional singing of Let It Go by the 21st birthday boy – it wasn’t his first time doing that and he does have a great voice!
The following night was an 18th birthday party and this is would appear to be the age where dancing isn’t as cool as at other parties. Not that people didn’t dance, it’s just a case that they don’t necessarily dance on the dance floor. I was looking at the dance floor that didn’t have too many people on it but when I looked around the venue, I can see people dancing and singing away in corners so on one hand, I am wishing the dance floor had more people on it but on the other hand I am very much aware that when people are 18, they are going to be drinking more than dancing! It was another great night, I did get people dancing and, again, lovely feedback from various guests saying how good I was and complimenting me on my music choice and the venue even wants me back for a residency so must have done something right!