Is there a stronger bond than the one that exists between families? I am not sure there is and don’t get me wrong, families can and do wind each other up but that’s part and parcel of families. As the saying goes, you can choose your friends but not your family but I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Reason I say that is I get to see first hand the effort people put into family events as was the case this past weekend which was a surprise 60th birthday party. I know I have said it before but it really is inspiring and humbling to witness what people do in order to make a family event a success. The 60th birthday party was a lovely affair with some absolutely delightful people and must make special mention to the 3 children who were there from the very beginning, helping set up, right through to the very end at midnight – they were so polite and the 9 year old girl made sure I was looked after by even offering to get me some food! First time that’s happened to me!
As much as the disco becomes the centrepiece of an event as the evening progresses, it’s never, ever about Infiniti disco but the person who’s party it is and the daughter gave a lovely speech thanking her mother for all she’d done with regards raising her up but also helping with the grandchildren – I guess my point is that as families we all do things to support and help out because we want to and it’s the right thing to do but it’s nice to receive a thank you.
As for the disco, it was a great success and I had loads of people come up to me to say thank you for a great evening, how polite I was and how well I interacted with the three children, although that last part is easy as I am really just a big kid! It was a fabulous evening concluding with a mass singalong to Daydream Believer by the Monkees.
My final thought is the Denbies Vineyard is a stunning venue with lovely staff so if you like wine and\or know someone who does, I highly recommend taking a trip there for one of their tours plus the food is lovely!