Joint 50th birthday celebration

I DJ’d in a pub in Frensham near Farnham for a joint 50th birthday celebration and had an absolute blast!

The original venue was due to be a local club but there was a diary mix up so venue was changed to the Fox pub in Frensham.  I was slightly concerned as I was warned it would be ‘cosy’ but managed to downsize my show and squeeze in.  The playlist supplied was soul, funk and jazz based music and some great tunes, even if some were songs that not everyone would be familiar with but gave me a sense of what to play.

I played a wide variety of songs from soul, funk, 70’s, 80’s, disco and current hits and the dance floor was packed.  I was due to finish at 11.30pm yet when it came to the end, I was asked to keep going and more than happy to oblige so did another 45 minutes.  At the end I even got a round of applause and lots of handshakes from the party guests saying what a great night they’d had so can’t ask for much more than that!

In the words of the lady who booked me – “We are so happy that we booked you, you did a great job.  We had a really fun night.  Next time we need a DJ we will definitely be in touch.”