Journey through life

I tend to write these blogs when I feel have something on my mind rather than just write for the sake of it…I am hoping that makes them marginally interesting as well as personal. As I sit here writing this post, there are 2 distinct events on my mind; one incredibly tragic and one incredibly up lifting.
Some of you may have seen in the news recently about a young man called Mac Campbell who was tragically killed in a car accident on his way home after a rugby game in which he was man of the match. I first heard of this on the local news on the way to work and thought then what a shame and tragedy it was for such a young man, he was only 20, and thought his name sounded familiar. Turns out he was dating my cousin.

I have since seen the various facebook, Instagram and twitter status’s about this young man where my cousin has been tagged and I can’t for one second imagine the pain and anguish she, her family and his family must be going through. 20 years old is no age at all. It is heartbreaking and the sad thing is he won’t be the last whether it’s an accident, illness or whatever. I sometimes feel that we don’t stop to enjoy the journey through life nor take time to stop and just breathe. I run every week and that’s mainly because I enjoy it but there is also that moment when everything is silent and I stop and just breathe. I am not sure what my point is to be honest, it’s hard to get my head round the loss of life for someone so young but it certainly put things into perspective….live your life, laugh loudly, love unconditionally.

Now…on to a happier subject, I am DJ’ing this weekend for an incredibly brave young lady who is having a belated 16th birthday party but it’s also to celebrate her remission from cancer. I mentioned her in my blog at the end of last year and can’t wait to see her. She had a horrible time not knowing what was wrong with her, she gets diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of cancer and faced it head on. I am sure she must have been scared but she documented her journey through a blog and youtube and never let the situation get on top of her and this is a girl who was only 15 at the time, she should have been thinking about school, make up, boys, the usual teenage stuff. She lost her hair, faced all sorts of challenges and kicked cancers arse. Every disco I do is special – not only for me but for the people whose party it is, this one is going to be just that little bit more special.

I guess the journey through life will always have its challenges; its ups and downs, maybe every so often it’s ok to ask for help and it’s definitely ok to stop and take a breath.