Love the 80’s!

I love the 80’s – great decade for music and film!

I had the pleasure of dj’ing at Old Wimbledonians rugby clubhouse on 22nd November for a joint 40th birthday party which was a fancy dress theme based on movies from the 80’s – cue some great costumes including a pair of Oompha Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

I had a great time and played a real diverse selection of music from the 80’s, such as Footloose, as well as more modern songs such as The Stone Roses and The Black Keys.  It was a lovely venue, great crowd and even some impromptu singing including the last song being Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol – fair play to the lady who sang the song as she said before that she was worried she’d look silly but told her to just go for it.  She did, she enjoyed it, her partner was impressed and it took some bottle to sing along plus it was also a lovely song to end a great night on.