Sam & Tom Maxwell wedding 12th Sept 2015

What is love?
I guess that there really isn’t one answer to that question as love can take all forms. Reason I pose that question is that as a DJ at a wedding reception, I find myself in the fortunate position being able to witness a married couple spending their first few hours as husband and wife and it’s a humbling experience. I DJ’d a wedding last Saturday for a couple of friends and it was an honour and privilege to have been asked to do it. The evening was a huge success, some brilliant song choices with a wide variety of requests from the guests, think I managed to get them all on and the evening flew by. First dance was to ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That and there was a rousing singalong to ‘Never Forget’ towards the very end that was only upstaged by ‘Hey Jude’ as the finale. Everyone appeared to have a great time with lots of people complimenting me on my show and the music choices, although I can’t claim all the credit for the songs!
With regards the initial question, I saw two lovely friends embark on married life together and I wonder what the future has in store for them. Like all of us I expect it will have it’s ups and downs but as the great Dolly Parton says ‘if you want to see rainbows then you have to put up with the rain.’ What I witnessed was a look between the two of them of complete and utter love and devotion. Despite the fact that there were over 100 other people present, for that moment in time, they only had eyes for each other.
My answer? Sometimes love is a grand gesture, sometimes it can be something simple like holding hands, sometimes it’s just a look between two people…but always something special.