Surprise 60th birthday & wedding anniversary party

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths friends and family go to when organising a surprise party for a loved one.
I was fortunate to DJ at a surprise 60th birthday\ wedding anniversary party near Portsmouth on Saturday 28th March and I had an absolute blast! It was a great party and I can’t help but be touched when you witness first hand the effort that people go to in order to throw a surprise party. It’s incredible when you think of the logistics of organising a party without the person finding out…invitations to be sent out, venue booked, a disco, food to be prepared and then to get the person there without letting on, it’s incredible.
As for the disco, I played a wide variety of music from The Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones, right up to the current charts hits and what was really great was that the requests were coming in too including T-Rex, Mud, a sing song from Grease, a fantastic performance of Let It Go and I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables…the song requests were all spot on, the only downside was that as the venue was in a residential area, I had to stop at 11.45pm otherwise I reckon they would have kept going a while longer!
A cracking night shared with wonderful people…it proved you don’t need loads of people to make a great party, just the right people.
Best moment for me personally, and there were a few, was when the birthday lady approached me at the end of the evening to thank me for a lovely evening and in all the years she’d either been to a disco or booked one herself, I was by far and away the best she’d seen. That meant a great deal to me and I am hoping I get to DJ for them again!